The japanese lounging robe

With robes, you can stay warm and comfortable during the day. If you have been looking for women’s clothes, we recommend that you read this guide. This guide talks about different types of tunics, materials they are made of and their sizes. Read on to find out more.

Types of Japanese lounging robe

Depending on your needs and activities, you can choose the right kind of clothes. Below is a description of the different types:

Bathrobe: Bathrobes are usually knee length and made of high-quality absorbent fabric. These clothes are worn after bathing, showering or before dressing.

Spa Robes: In general, spa robes are spacious, white and long. Therefore, they are an ideal option for you, especially if you want to relax. As a rule, they are made of a fabric that is warm and comfortable. Apart from that, they have a zipper or a belt on the front. For comfort, you can also opt for a robe with a hood.

Lingerie dresses: If you are wearing lingerie, we recommend that you look for lingerie dresses. What do they consist of? Usually, they are made of silk, transparent fabric or lace. Often they have bright colors and match their underwear.

Kimono Robes: Actually kimono robes are Japanese style and are made from high quality printed silk.


Now let’s talk about the materials that make them up. Common materials include cashmere, silk, microfiber, and cotton, just to name a few. Let us discuss each material individually.

Cotton: As you know, cotton is a common but versatile fabric. You can find it in many forms, such as the plush robe. As far as the absorption of water is concerned, towel smocks and waffle cotton dresses are an excellent option. Cotton velvet robes are warm, velvety and soft. They are an ideal choice when it comes to relaxation.

Microfiber: In fact, microfiber is soft, absorbent, breathable and thin. Microfiber buying a dress makes it an ideal choice if you have been looking for a soft bathrobe for day-spa or rest.

Satin or Silk: If you want a simple life, we suggest that you dress a satin or silk set. In addition, they are lightweight and allow you to move easily.

Cashmere: Keep in mind that cashmere robes are soft and provide plenty of warmth. In cold seasons cashmere is an ideal choice when it comes to comfort and warmth.


While many tunics are marked as one size, you may want to look for a size that suits you. It’s a good idea to put the suit in the store to see if you really like it. A size that does not suit you does not work for you.

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