Selecting the Right Style of Vintage Robe

Everyone needs a robe. Whether you use it for bathing, lazing about your jammies at night, lounging by the pool or just lounging, a robe not only keeps you warm and dry, but can also be a great fashion experience to express your unique style and fashion sense.

And what could a unique and elegant robe be like a Japanese kimono? And you do not have to go to Japan to find a great kimono, they are easy to find online these days.Most vintage robes are made of silk, although some plastics can be found. This is something to consider when thinking of the care of a vintage kimono.

Since most vintage lounging robes are also lined with silk, they can not be washed without risking shrinkage, so they need to be dry-cleaned, something to consider when chemically drying chemicals. If so, then a synthetic fabric would be a better choice as they can usually be washed. Or you could find a unlined kimono and wash it carefully and dry it.

Another good option is the cotton summer Yukata. These are very popular in Japan to be worn in the hotter summer months and are also used as bathrobes. This is also a great option for men, since cotton vintage robes are available in a wider selection of sizes than silk vintage lounging robes

Unless you are a size 14 and below you will have a harder time finding a vintage silk kimono that is spacious enough to be comfortable. There are two reasons. One is that, since the Japanese are by and large so small, there is no demand for larger vintage bathrobes. And the other is that the silk fabrics that make vintage lounging
robes are much narrower, so these robes have a seam on the back.

Any woman who loves combing antique shops for unique finds from bygone times will surely enjoy receiving a robe that reflects this style. You do not necessarily have to find a real vintage robe. Many designers offer bathrobes in the old-fashioned style.

Hopefully, this guide will give bathrobe shoppers a good idea of ​​what to look for in order to best satisfy their gift recipient. Regardless of her style, there is a women’s robe that will be just right for the lady in your life.

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