1930’s lounge robe

In the interwar period, the port (clothing) varies from one geographic area to another, but also according to the material situation and the mentality of the individual. For some, cloth responded to a physical need, for others, clothes were a standard of wealth and modernity.

Today we are talking about 1930’s lounge robe. Modern life has forced the simplicity of fashion, as well as a diversification and this is how a lounge robe appeared. Feminine fashion was complicated and often capricious in 1930. The fashion of the 1930’s was more conservative, a return to a more feminine image. The women’s shapes were better highlighted because of this lounge robe. The general characteristic of 1930’s fashion was the tendency to become more comfortable in different situations (service, walk, domestic activities, etc.) In the 1930’s the lounge robe, it was easy to find, but it was not for everyone.

Those lounge robes were occasionally decorated with steering wheels, but the most used ones were long and thin. The evening skirts were long to the ankle or to the ground. Evening dresses in the 30’s fashion were back naked, and the corsets were shaped like a blouse. These were long to the ankles or to the ground. From decade to decade, we can see how trends have changed more and more rapidly, reaching what we call the seasonal trends today, but we must recognize that those lounge robes were the best. Pure feminism is the definition.

Today, you will probably have the chance to see these marvels lounge robe exposed in museums because they become art pieces over the years, or you may be the lucky one. You can buy some from Amazon, Etsy or from collectors. The price can be a little bit high, but if you have one, you will be the luckiest one. The 1930s brought forth fabulous, dramatic and brilliant goddesses.

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